The origin of slot machines has been revealed. People who won the lottery gave fruit? – TOP Casino

want to knowOrigin of slot machine? Mysterious and eye-catching slot machines, when you walk into the casino, you will always be attracted by a large row of slot machines. The colorful sound effects and gorgeous pictures make people not want to watch them, but do you know that slot machines don’t actually pay out before? ?Let me reveal it for you todayOrigin of slot machine.

Origin of slot machine – The first in the world

Origin of slot machine - the first in the world

It all started in 1887, when a car mechanic named Charlie Fey (Jzplay Com) invented the first commercial slot machine, and the world’s first slot machine had the symbols of playing cards, Diamonds, spades, hearts, plus horseshoes and bells, at that time, horseshoes represented luck at that time, and the bells symbolized the highest return, and it was also the first prize of this station. This slot machine was very popular in the western United States at that time.

Origin of slot machine – legal to illegal

Origin of slot machines - legal to illegal

But the good times didn’t last long. By 1902, the government made it illegal to spit out money when winning a slot machine. At that time, several slot machines that were already popular had already been commercialized, so the manufacturers at that time naturally couldn’t accept it. The operation of the industry, they came up with an ingenious method, they decided to use candy and bubble gum as prizes, and the symbols on the machine were quickly replaced by fruit symbols. At that time, the symbols of the machine represented that you could The flavor that I got, the first one was the popular cherry, so people started to call it a fruit machine.

Origin of slot machine – chance

Origin of slot machine - odds

Today’s slot machines have been improved and evolved for a long time from the 19th century. Now basically the tables are controlled by a random number generator (commonly known as RNG), and the most interesting point is that when you play today, it is easier to win a lottery (commonly known as loose) machines, be sure to write down the number of the machine, because casinos often change their display like clothing stores, and each slot machine comes out with fixed odds, so loose will always be Loosely, or you can try to ask the staff, they may be happy to tell you which slot machine is more likely to win, because they are also waiting for you to hit the jackpot and tip them~

Origin of slot machine – Online Casino

The Origin of Slots - Online Casino

From then to today, due to the rapid development of the Internet, slot machines have also changed from offline physical machines to online casino games, and the odds have also become adjustable from the background, so it used to be possible to choose machines. A little fun is gone, but what has changed is that there are a lot of emerging machine games to choose from, you can feel the gorgeous sound effects and screen changes, not just the most simple three lines rotating, now the pay line of the machine It’s all very complicated. Remember to look at the bottom of the game when you play. Usually, there will be an explanation of the pay line for this game, but it’s nothing more than a variety of connection methods. How do you see the odds? Two points tell you, brands and games, each game agent has different odds settings, and the odds of different games are of course different, you can only rely on your own experience and exchanges with friends to slowly play the highest odds. Rate that game!


The classic slot machine is still very popular in 2022. Whether it is a mobile game, a computer, or a legal casino, this timeless game has captured the characteristics of people’s love for being small and big.Origin of slot machineNow, do you feel itchy and want to play a few games~ Register now at Top Casino and start playing immediately

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Slot Machine Betting – Start From Scratch With One Coin! – TOP Casino

after allSlot Machine BettingWhat kind of charm does it have that make players always willing to try throwing gold coins again and again? Unlike other entertainment games, the odds may only be doubled or even lower at the end of a single game. Slot machines have different paylines, so that players may profit a hundred times or even a thousand times by relying on a single game. possible. This game is actually especially suitable for me who loves my daydream! I always fantasize that I can win the jackpot of the big lottery and then resign the next day hahaha ~ I better not daydream early in the morning… Then I have prepared about the origin, skills, and my personality of slot machines today. Views to increase the knowledge of players!

Slot Machine Betting – The origin is not from the casino?

Slot Machine Betting - Didn't Origin Come From Casinos?

all the rageSlot Machine BettingThe origin is not directly from the casino! It is located on the streets of the United States and usually appears in retail stores and salons. Customers or passers-by often bet big prizes with the mentality of trying their luck. And then used in exchange for goods, to achieve a barter business model. Therefore, slot machines were a must for many stores at that time! It can be regarded as a kind of drainage in that era! However, due to local regulations, slot machines gradually entered history. Instead, it thrives in legal casinos or the recent popular online electronic slot machines. The animation of successful connection and the exciting sound effects make players feel like they are in a casino even if they are just holding a mobile phone! I have to admire the current technology.

Slot Machine Betting – Masters of the two factions do not know each other without fighting?

Slot machine betting - two masters do not know each other?

so far forSlot Machine BettingThere have always been two major factions of skills, the following are referred to as faction A and faction B for short, faction A believes that each slot machine will have a fixed cycle in opening big prizes, and adjust its betting time and chips to achieve The resonance of the machine further increases the chance of winning the lottery. The B faction believes that every machine will open a grand prize, so players only need to keep betting, and there is a possibility that they will pay out! However, there has been no clear basis for gambling since ancient times. The editor here is upholding a neutral view and believes that the combination of factions A and B is the best plan to increase profits! Adjust your own bets in a timely manner, control your own profit and loss, and combine with Party B’s maintenance on the same machine to grasp the chance of the machine to win the big prize. I think that players who lose money on the original machine will only focus on earning back the lost part first!

Slot Machine Betting – Summarize

Slot Machine Betting - Summary

personally think thatSlot Machine BettingIn fact, it is similar to the previous craze of the claw machine. The dealers have grasped the mentality of players who want to win big with small. Furthermore, the smallest bet on the slot machine is even a coin. Players also tend to ignore the loss of their own principal, which is the same as the doll machine unknowingly invested in the security folder. Players unknowingly put all their chips into the slot machine prize pool. The most important thing is to stay rational at all times and plan your own profit and loss balance point. Don’t just bet ignorantly~~ If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night and want to try your luck today, Top Casino is now full of slot machines of various styles, and there are even as many as 20 paylines! Want to experience the lottery to be soft? Hurry up and register on the good road chess to challenge it.

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